mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to fight climate change and support those in need during natural disaster.  

our leadership team

Amy Norton 

Chief Program Coordinator

Amy's experience in program

management is cen​tered around

organization.  Amy makes sure

Preservation Earth Project gets

the most out of our donors

contributions. She sources volunteers and materials to help us get the most done with as little as possible.  

Timothy Kenny

Environmental Health & Safety 
Timothy  is an environmental scientist with seven years of Environmental, Health and Safety experience and a valuable member of our team.  He is licensed in Asbestos, Lead, 40Hr. Hazwoper.  He has OSHA Construction Over-site experience.  CSP, CHST Certifications.


Make a difference in another person in need and quite possibly YOURS!  Find out how to become our partner.

Christopher Kenny

President / Founder

His background is in business & finance. Chris has a passion for ​the development & promotion of renewable energy, particularly when it is used in assisting others in need.  The opportunity to help those in dire need because of human induced environmental or natural disaster is not only an act of charity, but an unique opportunity to educate.


Beth Sanchez  EMT-P  RN

Program Manager

Beth has had extensive experience. Her previous experience in working with displaced families, because of natural disasters is extensive.  Beth has experience in helping others who are effected with disabilities and need assistance in times of need; particularly the elderly and handicapped. 


Jerry Corcoran  FF, EMT

Program Manager 

Jerry has extensive experience in fund raising.  Combined with his experience in "micro" solar and wind projects around the country, he has been advocate for seeing that less fortunate benefit from renewable projects.  Jerry also has extensive experience transportation logistics during emergency situations.


Michael J. Paulus

​Exec. Director & Board Member

Mohan Thapa  International Advisor & Program Director 

Mr. Thapa is a business executive, with extensive experience in real-estate & hotel and development. Mr. Thapa is presently President of Parker's International.  He has been a driving force for environmental change in his local community in Baltimore and his native country Nepal.  

  Current Programs 

Providing power systems and emergency energy &supplies to the families of Texas and Florida, who are effected by Storm Harvey & Storm Irma.

Michael has an extensive  background in governmental and regulatory affairs, finance and economics. Michael was previously was in management at J.P Morgan, Citi Group, HSBC and The Federal Reserve. He was also assistant Secretary of Finance at the U.S. Treasury.  Michael is a PEP Board Member.

​​George Gregor 

Senior Advisor / Legal  Finance

George's background in International Business & Banking is well known by his peers. He is the former CEO for India House and has acted in an executive capacity for such firms as Deutsche Bank and Citibank. He has utilized his vast knowledge & connections in the international business community to help others find solutions that make their lives better.

Michael Hennesey

Program & Logistics Manager 

Michael has many years of experience in getting supplies and materials to areas that have been decimated  or where politics is a inpediment.   Michael has time and time again made the impossible possible. He has extensive experience from companies like UPS & EXCO.   He is our go-to-guy.


The Preservation Earth Project