Many basic needs of a community can be achieved thru the use of alternative energy, utilized on a scale that is manageable by the community itself.  We have proven this again and again around the world.  

Work begins on the Tsaile Navajo Water Treatment Facility in the fall of 2020.  Design and alternative energy expertise provided by Lutz Energy and Via Solar.  

A self sustaining water treatment facility is essential to every rural community.  Because of the hard work of many volunteers and the incredible generosity of those who donated the funds to make this a reality, this community has clean, drinkable water.  

Chris Kenny - President 

Christopher J, Kenny - Founder Preservation Earth Project  

​​​​​​​​​​​Climate Change due to Global warMing is increasing storm strength, there's no denying that.  recent natural disasters have accelerated the need for organizations to step up and provide assistance, solutions, and aid to those effected by such natural disasters. The Preservation Earth Project is a Non-profit organization that focuses on providing that assistance and so much more, including education and solutions that will help move society away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.

The Preservation Earth Project

Navajo community volunteers and members of the Tsailes Water Users Association (pictured here) contributed many hours to make this project a reality.  After almost twenty years of waiting, the Navajo community of Tsaile finally have clean water to drink.

Quality components, a well thought out design, when combined with the hard work and the efforts of many volunteers, creates a self sustaining solution that was once thought not possible.