The Preservation Earth Project

Preservation Earth Project

        Board of Advisors.


Mr. Mark Williams - is a LCSW / Mitigation Specialist and Advocate for legal defense teams in the eastern U.S.  For the better part of a decade Mark served on the Board of Directors of Lifespire Inc.,  a not for profit, serving disabled persons. Mark has held the role as Chief Human Resources Officer with several  multi-nation companies across various sectors of business, such as bio-pharma, defense and automotive sectors. Mark is a graduate of King's College and received his masters from Colombia University.  Mark is also a professionally trained psychotherapist, mitigation specialist, author and professional speaker.

Ms. Holly Prince -- Is CEO and Founder

of Business Green, an alternative energy consulting organization that provides solutions to Fortune 500 Companies.  Holly is responsible for helping  real-estate companies and developers acquiring Leeds Certification and is a member of the U.S, Green Council.  Holly is a graduate of Temple University with a masters degree in Environmental Studies from Rutgers University.

Mr. Michael Paulus - Is Managing Director of Opendoor Securities, an electronic trading ATS for U.S. Treasuries.  Previously Michael was head of the Public finance sector, Asia-Pacific for J.P.Morgan. Michael was appointed as the Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Treasury, as well as the Vice Chairman of the Steering committee of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets.  MIchael earned his B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin and his master degree in International Affairs from Columbia University.

Mrs. Patricia Oberman - is President and CEO of Zebre International.  Patricia is an environmental engineer with a focus in remediation and alternative energy policy.  Patricia is an advisor and volunteer for Operation Blessings, a Christian based humanitarian relief organization.  Patricia received her B.S. degree from Penn State with a major in Environmental Policy and her Masters in Business from New York University.

Mr.Christopher Kenny - Is Head of Strategy and E-Trading Relationships at Hartfield,Titus & Donnelly, a Finra registered broker-dealer. Chris is also the owner of Via Solar llc., an alternative energy company.  He is a graduate of Warren Wilson College with a B.A. in Economics & Business Administration.  He is President and founder of the Preservation Earth Project.