This is before this purification system was installed.  Water had to be trucked in or take a chance drinking water that is contaminated with ammonium phosphate heavy metals, pesticides, e-coli and other carcinogens that cause cancer.

The Preservation Earth Project is funding and co-managing a solar powered water treatment facility in Tsaile, New Mexico.  This installation is transformative to so many families within the Navajo Community.  They now have clean water for personal consumption, and also water for the irrigation for farming and livestock.  Members of the Tsaile Water Users Association stand in front of the new water tank, soon to be used for human consumption.  Employees from Luz Energy Corp. and volunteers from Preservation Earth Project work along side one another, installing electrical components for the solar system that will power the water treatment equipment.  This facility is crucial to the very livelihood of many Navajo families.  Without your support, this work type of work can not continue.  Please contribute.  You'll not find a more worthy cause!  Thank you.


We have recently finished a project to bring clean water to the  Native American People on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico.   Because of fracking, drilling and uranium mining their water supply has become contaminated with nitrate ammonia phosphate, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants making the water supply unsafe for agricultural irrigation, livestock or human consumption.  We have engineered, delivered and installed a purification system that runs on solar energy and provides clean drinking water for the local Navajo Community 365 days a year and for many years to come.  There are multiple other projects that need your support.  Please help us make clean drinking water available to the Native American Communities on the Navajo Reservation.


This is after a solar powered water treatment facility was installed by the Preservation Earth Project and made possible by people like you. They finally have clean water for drinking and growing food for their families and community.  Because people like you cared enough to give and make this possible.  Thank you! 

The challenges never stop.  Help us meet them as we supply & install  water purification and solar equipment  for  a water treatment facilities in Tsaile New Mexico.  It is more than just clean drinking water, it is water for irrigation and livestock.  It is a way of living that Native Americans cherish and have a right to.  Help us make this a reality.  Donate today.

The Preservation Earth Project