The Preservation Earth Project

            The Push is on to help our fellow Americans in

                            North Carolina & South Carolina.

The Preservation Earth Project along with Mr.Jon Bridgers from the Cajun Navy utilized alternative energy technology to power lights, tools and refrigerators; getting folks back into their homes in Southern Texas and Louisiana, following the devastating storms and floods that ravaged that region.  

We have designed a Containerized Housing Unit or β€œCHU” for single resident occupancy. The term CHU, popularized during the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) campaign is a modular, adaptable construction platform. Warrior Homesteads has significantly modified the initial concept, using thrift and green technology to minimize the recurring overhead costs of a typically built home. From the restoration of shipping containers to solar panel mounting and use of recycled products available at the time of construction -- .our unique designs are based upon function, comfort and upgradable sustainability.e.


Help us make a difference in these peoples lives by contributing.

                  to disaster relief following Storm Florence.                                                                             Please! 

A major acknowledgement and thanks to the @CajunNavy who are in   the Carolinas rescuing and helping thousands of people and animals       following the devastation from Hurricane Florence.  9/27/18