The Preservation Earth Project along with Mr.Jon Bridgers from the Cajun Navy utilized alternative energy technology to power lights, tools and refrigerators; getting folks back into their homes in Southern Texas and Louisiana, following the devastating storms and floods that ravaged that region.  

  We are always looking to collaborate with other organizations that have a similar goal;  to provide aid and assistance to those in need following disasters.  Whether it be out of choice or necessity, we help those who are struggling or disadvantaged with the adoption of renewable, clean energy systems and the restoration of a quality life. 


We have designed a Containerized Housing Unit or β€œCHU” for single resident occupancy. The term CHU, popularized during the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) campaign is a modular, adaptable construction platform. Warrior Homesteads has significantly modified the initial concept, using thrift and green technology to minimize the recurring overhead costs of a typically built home. From the restoration of shipping containers to solar panel mounting and use of recycled products available at the time of construction -- .our unique designs are based upon function, comfort and upgradable sustainability.e.

The Preservation Earth Project


A major acknowledgement and thanks to the @CajunNavy who are in   the Carolinas rescuing and helping thousands of people and animals       following the devastation from Hurricane Florence.  9/27/18