Preservation Earth Project's George Gregor was in Nepal meeting with government officals to ascertain the best way we could help the people of Nepal.

Volunteers making a big difference in Haiti.  Installing solar generation facility, that runs water purification system, pump and refrigeration for medical supplies..

The Preservation Earth Project Expands Solar Energy Efforts in Haiti 

BELLA New York MAGAZINE | February 4, 2016 |



The Preservation Earth Project, which provides alternative energy capability in emergency and distressed situations, on a microproject basis, is continuing its efforts in Haiti.

While progress has been made following the devastating 2010 earthquake, Haiti remains substantially disadvantaged in infrastructure. The ability to introduce sustainable energy is a cost effective, sustainable, scalable, and long-term solution to Haiti’s infrastructure needs. The Preservation Earth Project aligns with local organizations and entities to facilitate its projects. In Haiti, projects are initiated and executed with The Foundation for Peace, at its request.

The Preservation Earth Project has been engaged with Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. On February 1, the project team is returning to Haiti to continue its engagement on micro projects.  Specifically, solar panels and electronics will be installed at the educational/medical facility —Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men.  Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men (Education Complex Hand in Hand) is located on a five-acre site in the Ganthier province, east of Port-au-Prince. The campus provides an expanding offering of educational opportunities that include a vocational school and language institute.

As part of  its educational efforts, the team will also conduct a seminar on environmental policy and alternative energy for student and local officials. Additionally, solar suitcases, previously delivered, will be demonstrated and ongoing maintenance of area water treatment facilities be conducted.

Said Chris Kenny, CEO of The Preservation Earth Project: “In disasters and distressed situations, large infrastructure projects are essential.  At the same time we focus on two neglected, though critical areas: first, the ‘forgotten’ smaller efforts that aid local communities; and second, the ongoing work that continues after the emergency work has been accomplished. Haiti progresses slowly, but progresses nonetheless. Our model is proven to be an effective means for local communities to revive.”

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Ghan Dabadi, George Gregor, and Chris Komline (bottom picture to the right) visiting with the Energy Minister of Nepal.  Offering alternative energy solutions, education, and assistance for Nepal's people.  Preservation Earth Project's mission is to provide these resources with the intention of moving society away from fossil fuel and towards renewable energy.