Haiti a Success but more work needs to be done


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Lack of access to running water is an issue in many developing countries, but it is also a problem in the United States. Nearly 40 percent of the homes in the Navajo Nation lack running water or sanitation, and many are in such remote areas that they will never be able to connect to a water line.  But the real issue being their water is contaminated with pestisides, heavy metals, ecoli, and many other things making the water not drinkable.   The Preservation Project is working with the Tsaile-Wheatfields-Blackrock Watershed, and the Tsaile-Wheatfields Farmers Association, which resides within the Navajo Nation; to establish a water purification facility that is powered by solar energy. 

Gas generator on last leg.  Replaced by maintenance-free solar unit to provide electricity to school and water treatment facility. .

Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012T

The Preservation Earth Project

Storm Sandy's aftermath left tens of thousands stranded without electricity, and Preservation Earth Project was there.

It is a story of how dependent society is on fossil fuels and the organizations that provide them.  Maybe it is time to to become less vulnerable and fulfill our obligation to manage our natural resources in a more sustainable fashion.  Preservation Earth Project provided free charging stations and power to those in need.  It is a perfect time to assist our neighbor and educate people on the alternatives to burning fossil fuels.  Change will come about when each person makes a decision to be ecologically responsible and insist on change.

Preservation Earth Project's trip to Haiti was a huge success.  The team installed a solar array to power a water  purification system and other essentials.  We installed an ice machine and began the building if a solar platform that will power a school for 600 students at Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men in Ganthier.  We also visited a village of 500 whose only source of power is a solar panel and 2 leaking batteries.  We have to help these people..  Please help us make this ​happen.  Preservation Earth Project providing solutions, assistance, education and aid to those in need.

Preservation Earth Project ​Haiti Solar Installation