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Warming planet and rising sea levels will continue to impact people's safety and homes until we do something about it.

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Climate change due to global warming is increasing storm strength and natural disasters around the Globe.  Preservation Earth Project provides "clean energy", aid and solutions to those who are subject to such disasters. .    ​

Clean drinking water!  Construction of a solar powered water purification facility in Tsaile, Arizona has begun. The Navajo People have been without there own source of clean drinking water for too long. It is hard to believe that this would happening in the U.S.!  Please Donate now!

A small donation goes a long way to help others that need help now.  Please help us make  a difference.


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The Preservation Earth Project has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the use of renewable energy and humanitarian support. Find out how you can contribute to the      future of someone in need through            A  donation.  


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